Harry Becker

… and the Inspired by Becker Art Society

Becker was born in Colchester in 1865, youngest of seven. A talented young artist, he studied in Antwerp and Paris before returning to paint in London and Colchester. Although a fine portrait painter, exhibiting alongside Sickert, Sargent and Augustus John, he loved painting rural scenes and depicting working life in the countryside. He moved to Suffolk in 1913, living in Wenhaston and nearby villages, painting and drawing local life – often going into the fields with the labourers at dawn. His work in oils, watercolour, drawing and etching, is full of immediacy and energy, capturing the effort of the labourer’s work, and the feeling of the landscape with swiftly worked, minimal detail. He died in 1928.

The images on this page are shared courtesy of Alan D Marshall, (Mascot Media), and from their beautiful publication “Harry Becker’s Suffolk” 2013.

General information about IBBAS and the website:

The Inspired by Becker Art Society (IBBAS) was formed 2 years after the first exhibition, held in 2013.

A principal aim of IBBAS over the 10 years we have been running, has been to raise awareness of Harry Becker’s work within the art world and amongst the general public, and to run events like the annual exhibition which celebrate his contribution to painting and printmaking in the early years of the 20th century and showcase contemporary responses to his painting style.