The Mike Holtom Award 2018


Mike and one of his oils.
Mike and one of his oils.

The artist Mike Holtom who died early 2017 had been part of the Inpired by Becker project since its inception in 2013. As a committee member he played a major role in the work of planning and running the annual exhibition. He also participated in our regular plein-air sketching meetings. His sardonic sense of humour and generally affable character made him a ‘good bloke’ and we all miss him a great deal. Mike’s page is retained on this site where you can find his statement about how the work of Harry Becker inspired his own painting.

Together with Mike’s family, we have set up the Mike Holtom Award which will be awarded each year for the piece of work best representing that year’s theme.

The 2018 theme is: ‘Rural life, 100 years on’.

Aware of how the 1914-18 war affected men and their families, men who then returned to this rural environment to try to piece together their lives, one hundred years on, we encourage artists to consider elements of rural life now which they feel are of particular importance. The theme is yours to play with.

Artists are therefore invited to include work in their submissions which will express their approach to this topic. We will be in touch before the submission date with further details.