Patricia Davidson

I’ve known Becker’s work for a number of years. First seen at an exhibition in Ipswich, I loved it straight away for Its close observation of Suffolk countryside and those who lived and worked in it. A rural pattern which is still evident in the fields and hedges of the Blyth valley. I liked his work so much I acquired two small pieces.
Walking in the valley last year, seeing the seasons change. Stillness of trees on a summer evening, white cascades of blossom in the spring, reflections of light in the river and the recent hard winter make it is easier to place his work in the landscape and make a connection with the artist.

Blossom Path, Blyth Valley. Acrylic on canvas.
Blossom Path, Blyth Valley
Trees, Blyth Valley. Acrylic on canvas.
Trees, Blyth Valley. Acrylic on canvas.
TD. clouds and field
Clouds and field. acrylic on paper.