Malcolm Farrow

I work out of doors in the Suffolk countryside, usually drawing or painting directly from the subject, much as I imagine Harry Becker probably did. Like him, I try to record my response to it using the expressive means at my disposal. 

Becker’s work, by turn visceral and tender, made a strong impression on me. Every expressive mark and brush-stroke seems to speak of his profound engagement with and sympathy for his subject, whether it be the countryside he knew and loved, the men and women who lived and worked in it, or the animals they tended. He painted and drew everyday scenes and subjects, yet his art transforms them, demanding our attention. His work is based on direct experience, but filtered too through thought and feeling. Everything, he seems to say, is extraordinary, we just need to pay closer attention.

To see more of my work, please visit malcolm_farrow_art on Instagram.

Image on the left: Trees beside a culvert, Hasketon, Suffolk.

Right hand side: Oak tree and field edge (sketchbook drawing)