Doug Patterson

Doug joins us for the first time in the main exhibition in 2021. He has been a regular participant and prizewinner in our Paint Out Competitions.

Doug’s statement about the inspiration he gains from Becker’s work…


I first discovered Harry Becker around 1980, and then rediscovered his work and his depiction of Suffolk in 2020. Because of Covid I aborted the Egyptian project I was working on, and started cycling through the surrounding countryside where I live. I had never understood the Suffolk landscape and the changing seasons, the movement  of the sky. These are a revelation, and looking at Becker’s work again inspired me to develop a series of 2 metre wide plein air panoramas in charcoal. The year passed, and for me, drawing and  listening to music and the glorious summer inspired these 180 degree vistas of the landscape. They are now  developing into accurate, inaccurate illustrations of what is seen and not seen, including introducing obscured architecture which  becomes part of the composition.