Thomas Horsley

2019 statement:

As I spend the majority of my working life sat at a computer creating 3d digital artwork, I choose to draw and paint as a way of freeing myself up creatively.

My main focus over the last three years has been drawing and painting people from life. I enjoy the challenge of a moving subject,the changing lighting conditions and how this approach helps me to see colour more clearly. Recently I have been exploring how to paint at a larger scale using decorators brushes.

I work quickly, completing the artwork in a single session from anywhere between 15 minutes to 1 day.

The work of Harry Becker is of great inspiration to me – especially his amazing ability to capture the movement of people and animals in a few seemingly simple lines and marks.

Thomas-Horsley-Artist-Portrait-Distracted-1000 Thomas-Horsley-Artist-Portrait-Vanessa-1000 Thomas-Horsley-Artist-Portrait-Robert-1000






Distracted, Oil                                             Vanessa, Charcoal                              Robert, Charcoal