Ruth McCabe

Living in Wenhaston, Ruth shares Becker’s landscape of the Blyth Valley in East Suffolk. His confident, swiftly executed mark making challenges her to avoid being careful, to let the eye and hand follow the subject’s form without overworking it, and to accept ‘mistakes’- those lines which aren’t quite where they ‘should’ be! They add movement and vigour.

The form and structure of living things has fascinated Ruth since her undergraduate days in Botany and Zoology, and she still feels awed at the wondrous complexities that surround us, something which during this year of lockdowns and necessary solitary ramblings, has come even more into focus, as the details of nature’s beauty somehow became so important to notice.

Her years as a psychotherapist developed an ability to let things happen, stay with uncertainty and wait until something emerges. This is very much how Ruth works now, often applying colour and marks to a surface and only later discovering what it is becoming. 

In the last few months she has worked with collage, using hand painted acid free tissue and scraps of her own discarded watercolours to create her compositions.

Ruth believes that her work relates to that of Becker not only in its deep connection with east Suffolk’s coastal landscape, but in her swiftness of mark -making: the risk-taking which may go wrong, and in her sureness of colour and composition.

Ruth may be contacted by visiting her website, on the Studio page, and via private messaging on her social media pages: