Jillifar Amor

Graduating from London School of Fashion I became a Freelance Display Artist. In 2000  after moving to Suffolk, I set up a studio and now experiment with textures, textile embroidery, oils, pastel, acrylic, and water colour, creating innovative work depicting the Suffolk coast and skies. Becker was so great at capturing the atmosphere and energy of the workforce and environment. He portrayed the rawness and hard work of the characters and animals working the land. I try to emulate this in my work and to observe the feeling of the location and subject.

‘Fenwalk’ and ‘Lost Balls’ are examples of the use of layers of textures in Jillifar’s paintings. In Fenwalk, changing the patterns of the wind in both the reeds & water, constantly changing direction, making patterns, then fading, to leap into a new design. And on the golf course on a frosty morning, breathing clear air & observing the contrast of immaculate greens to the scrub where the balls bounced into oblivion!! Jillifar built up texture & marks to create a feeling of “chaos” in the “rough”!!

Jillifar organises IBBAS’ sketching days en plein air and is part of¬†Suffolk Open Studios in June, this year opening 25th & 26th June, 11 to 5. Please see her details on SOS website.