Jillifar Amor

Jillifar responds the the theme of the Mike Holtom Award….
In many ways life is not so different in 2018 from 1918.
Many aspects are actually the same.
How we get inspired to create our love of the landscapes & seascapes of Suffolk.
Scenes haven’t changed that much, considering how much technology  & equipment
is amidst us.  With modern machinery to assist the farm workers, the actual “views”
are very recognizable today after 100 years.
I try to depict a sense of spontaneity as I paint, sketch or embroider, be it on wood, paper, canvas or
fabric: trying to capture the moment of time, as we all strive to do in our own individual style!
Just depicting the view in front of us, to capture(freeze) & interpret our various images that have caught our attention.
“Corrosion” is one of the largest hazards of our time as debris & plastic in the sea along our coastline.


Jillifar organises IBBAS’ sketching days en plein air and is part of Suffolk Open Studios in June, this year opening 25th & 26th June, 11 to 5. Please see her details on SOS website.