Anna Badar

Anna’s statement

This period of ‘lockdown’ has afforded me time to explore earlier ideas and memories, such as travelling along Suffolk fields and woodland en route to wild and open spaces along the coast, and the wondrous clarity of the night sky over Dunwich.  Colour and light reflections in the River Blyth on my daily stroll through Halesworth Town Park also inspires an endless stream of ideas, as well as the time I spent painting through the seasons at Valley Farm Vineyard, Wissett in 2018. I like to have a few pieces on the go simultaneously which are put up around the studio. I spend a lot of time just looking and imagining my next step even though I don’t really know what will happen until I start.  However this process helps me to pause and avoid overworking – something which is always a challenge. Communicating an experience of a place as minimally as possible is what I admire so much about Harry Becker’s images.