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Inspired by Becker Art Society (IBBAS) was formed 2 years after the first exhibition, held in 2013.

A principal aim of IBBAS is to raise awareness of Harry Becker’s work within the art world and amongst the general public and to run events which celebrate his contribution to painting and printmaking in the early years of the 20th century.

The annual exhibition is one of the activities IBBAS runs to contribute towards the society’s aims. Any artist who would like to make work inspired by some aspect of Becker’s work is invited to apply to exhibit each year. We also hope that some of our membership will engage with our other activities throughout the year. Clicking on the tabs at the top of this page gives access to a range of information on….

The work of Harry Becker…

‘The Mike Holtom Award 2018’: details of the theme of this year’s award…

‘Events’ includes  details of last year’s exhibition and “PAINT OUT” painting competition, and our joint events with the Suffolk Punch Trust, which were new for 2017….

Hovering over the ‘Artists’ tab opens a list of artists. This is now updated to include artists exhibiting with us for the first time this year….

Our new page APPLY will be helpful if you are interested in applying to exhibit your own work. Applications for 2018 are now closed.Artists and the interested public may join the society at any point in the year, but applications to exhibit must be made before the April deadline, which for 2018, has now passed. We hope you will find lots to excite you and encourage you to join the society and visit the show!

Exhibition Rules can be downloaded from the APPLY page. The IBBAS Constitution for members can be downloaded here:

This year’s artists are all signed up now, and we are preparing for the 2018 exhibition, details of which are shown on the poster…
























IBBAS Constitution for members